The Houdini's


The Houdini's...

...are nobody’s copy cats. (Jeroen de Valk) good a band of young jazzers as the young jazzers of New York. (Michael Bourne) fake-bop and fake-jazz. (Kees Polling)

...were the absolute climax during 4days Haarlem Jazzstad. (Peter Bruyn)

...extravagant, crazy and perfect. (Martin Lutz)

...have collegiate tendencies. (Bert Vuysje)

...have become a kind of icon for Dutch jazz. (Ken Vos)

...prove that there is much more possible with hard-bop, than Edison winners the Harper Brothers want  us to believe. (Ton Ouwehand)

...make recording them a joy. (Rudy van Gelder)

...steal the show during Heineken Jazz Night. (Bert Jansma)

...collectively produce a sound that no other band in the world produces. (Jan Rensen)

...are the Dutch Stones. (Eric van ‘t Groenewout) casting pearls for swine. (Hans Dulfer)